We offer fresh chilled and frozen semen.  Side by side AI service is available if you are local.  For frozen breeding please contact me via e mail or phone for more information.  Frozen breedings require advance notice and planning.

For fresh chilled breedings the upfront stud fee or service fee options include 2 collections and 2 shipping containers.

Payment for shipment is the responsibility of the bitch owner. A Fed-Ex numbers is preferred, but a credit card can also be used.

Progesterone testing is required for all breedings.


Bitch clearance requirements:

Hips and Elbows

Current eye exam

Bitches being bred to dogs not clear/normal for genetic diseases (EIC/PRA/CNM) must provide documentation that the bitch has tested clear/normal.

Heart – heart clearances by echo are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Side by side AI requires a negative brucellosis test dated within 30 days of the breeding.

OPTION #1  Upfront Stud Fee

Stud fee is $2000.00  Stud fee guarantees 3 live puppies.  If less than 3 live puppies result from the initial breeding (on stud fees paid in advance only) a repeat breeding to any stud dog owned by Ghoststone Labradors is offered. Another bitch may be used if  the necessary clearances are provided.  The repeat must be used within 2 years and is not transferable to another breeder.

OPTION #2 Service Fee

The service fee is $500.00  The service fee is considered a deposit towards the full stud fee and is non-refundable.  The remaining balance of $1500.00 ($2000-500) is due within 3 days upon the birth of 2 live puppies.  If 1 or no puppies result from the breeding a repeat is NOT offered and the service fee is non-refundable.