Misty Mountain Spirit of St. Louis at Ghoststone “LINDY”

AKC SR93912701

DOB 05/20/16

Hips pending

Elbows pending

Cardiac Clear by Color Doppler LR-ACA462/13M-VPI

Eyes – Cleared Yearly

EIC Clear


BISS CH Ghoststone's Louie Downtown CD WC (Yellow) AKC#: SN46959901 CH Marshland Bakela BISS Ch Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance CH Marshland Blitz
Cherry Oaks Sunshine
CH Marshland Glitz CH Marshland Blitz
CH Marshland Bold Gabriella
CH Blackthorn Simply Irresistible WC CH Sailin' Cajun's Casanova CD WC BISS Am/Can CH Monarch's Black Arrogance CD WC
Am/Can CH Elysium's Sailin' Cat Ballou
CH Starpoint Blackthorn Blonde CD BISS Am/Can CH Monarch's Black Arrogance CD WC
Campbellcroft Branbleberry CD
GCH Misty Mountain Millennium Star JH AKC#: SR67141703 BISS GCH CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH CGC (Yellow) AKC#: SR40229001 CH Sunset Lubberline Spinnaker (Yellow) AKC#: SR15015803 CH Luberline Martingale (Yellow) AKC#: SN67913402CH
Sunset Shenanigans (Black) AKC#: SN71876101
CH Gingerbred Pasta Luna (Yellow) AKC#: SR02981201 CH Saddlehill Struttin In The Moonlight (Yellow) AKC#: SN77712901
Hennings Mill Gingerbred ATM (Black) AKC#: SN34892901
BISS GCH Ghoststone's The Devil Wears Prada AKC#: SR50920713 CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress (Black) AKC#: SR19859002 CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive (Black) AKC#: SN9283630
CH HySpire Ghoststone Gloria (Black) AKC#: SN62860004
CH Ghoststone's Hollywood Blond (Yellow) AKC#: SR22191601 CH Lobuff Bobwhite At Chuklebrook (Yellow) AKC#: SN91419803
CH Ghoststone's Bottle Blond (Yellow) AKC#: SN7304840